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In a blink of an eye, it is just a month until starting to count down for Christmas. 

We’re getting pumped to announce the collaboration with @aminutestudio, a local multidisciplinary design studio. In partnership to launch the beautiful crafted mugs before the festival season arrived.


Design Concept by A Minute Studio

Amid San Po Kong’s densely populated industrial high-rises, I am drawn to Until Coffee’s minimalist space, especially the dancing light and shadow projected on the pure white interior through the window shopfront.


As I was commissioned to create a mug tailored for Until Coffee’s drip bags, I was prompted to contemplate the essence of minimalism, which, I suppose, is to bring forth maximum impact through minimal alteration. 

Taking our existing signature mug as a point of departure, I slightly elongated the body to accommodate the height required for making drip bag coffee; and, although the original handle is reused in this current design, it gives a different touch with the heightened proportion. While our signature mug is made for soups, this new form exclusive to Until Coffee is designed for everyday use.


轉眼間,距離聖誕倒數的日子不遠。我們很高興與@aminutuestudio 合作,訂製了熱飲陶杯,趕在聖誕前夕迎見。


設計概念 by A Minute Studio 

身處工廈林立的新蒲崗,Until 極簡的店面給我很深印象。午後陽光落在純白店面的光影變化似乎永遠都不會沉悶。這次委托是設計及製作配掛耳包用的水杯。思考何謂簡約——或者是以最少改動帶來最大改變。


以原有的signature mug 為藍本,考慮掛耳包滴漏需要一定高度,因此將杯身造型稍稍拉長。雖然沿用了原有手把,然而握杯的角度隨杯身拉長,帶來跟原版本截然不同的感受。如果原版本是喝熱湯的soup mug,跟until 合作的新版本或者會成為日復日使用的everyday mug。


Until是期待終點來臨的堅持,箇中的時間有多長說不準,in the meantime 就 keep calm and drink coffee 吧。

Handmade Ceramic Mug Gift Set with @aminutestudio

  • Inside the gift set:

    - Crafted ceramic mug by @aminutestudio

    - Until Coffee Drip bag set (5 individual packs)

    - Christmas card Price: 650/set

    Preorder: Today - 30 Nov 2021

    Pick up at store: 10-24 Dec 2021

    Gift set (限量50套) 內有:
    - @aminutestudio 手作陶瓷杯 
    - @untilcoffee 掛耳咖啡套裝(5 個獨立包裝)
    - 聖誕賀卡 

    —— $650 

    預購: 今日起至11月30日
    店內自取: 12月10-24日

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