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B01 Dance Complex

Creative choreography | Coffee art


B01 Dance Complex x
Until Coffee

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Before the pandemic, we had the chance to go to see different live dance performance. Seeing dancers expressing their emotions and thoughts through creative choreography. You will be amazed by the energy and the charisma they presented.


Each baristas have their own specialties. Some good at doing pour over, some good at dong latte art. Other aspects, for instance roasting, coaching and cupping are all require professional training. Any kind of media that can express oneself, it can be art.


Food can be. Dance can be. Coffee can be. 


B01 dance studio is just across from our shop.

If any guest happened to have dance class at B01, remember to come enjoy our coffee as well.

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"Be No One."

B01 主力推廣香港舞蹈文化,以現代舞及新主流舞蹈混合並延伸,同時不斷創造岀嶄新的舞蹈藝術。由心而發,誠實表達初心。


在 B01 LOGO 設計上,字母 B 中包含著字母 N,同時帶出

“Be No One” 的意思,意味著大家在發展的道路上繼續「找尋自己」。

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