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Latte Art Liquid, developed by Latteart Family, is the perfect milk alternative for practicing latte art.


With just 5 drops, it can transform cold water into a milk-like liquid, providing a texture similar to milk. Starting today, practice latte art in a more economical and environmentally friendly way!


- No need for refrigeration.

- More economical and eco-friendly than milk.

- Latteart Family also offers the Superpresso as an espresso alternative, enabling latte art practice without the need for milk or coffee.


All you need is approximately 1g (about 4 pumps) of the Latte Art Liquid per 250ml of water & 1g (2 pumps) of the SuperPresso per 20ml of espresso.


**Latte Art Liquid and Superpresso are for latte art practice purposes only and are not edible.

Latte art liquid & Superespresso Kit

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