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Tomii Chan

Music production | Until promotional video 


In the upcoming promotional video, we used the song <Sides> from Tomii’s 2017 album, Arrays, as the soundtrack. He was solely responsible for arrangement, production, and design of the album, in which his musical talents were perfectly demonstrated with all kinds of sound effects and styles. In “Sides”, the solid sounds of a repetitive melody changes gradually with the melodic tunes of piano, guitar and synthesizers. 


When we asked Tomii about his inspirations behind <Sides>, he said, “when I make music, I often feel naturally drawn to project my own personality and life experience on to my work. I usually write guitar music but this particular piece moved me to create something that involves a piano. Every time I write music, there is always a chance for me to know myself, enables me to try out and create new music.”


We first met Tomii at a music concert at a San Po Kong studio back in February 2018. Speaking of which, it is fate that brings Until to such a connected community in San Po Kong. 


Music plays such an important role in coffee shops. At Until, you will find 3 different song lists playing on rotation. 

Screenshot 2023-04-13 at 1.30.17 PM.png


A musician, singer-songwriter and multi instrumentalist from Hong Kong.


香港音樂人、唱作人、多樣樂器演奏者,深受藍調、靈魂與流行音樂影響,打造出他真摰,坦白及溫馨的音樂。同時現為 Soul 樂隊 Fds/4eva 的成員。

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